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Покрасочно-сушильная камера LAUNCH
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Покрасочно-сушильная камера LAUNCH
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Inside Dimension 6900Ѓ~3900Ѓ~2700(mm)LЃ~WЃ~H
Outside Dimension 7000Ѓ~5350Ѓ~3400(mm)LЃ~WЃ~H
Main Door 3-folds, 3000Ѓ~2650(mm)WЃ~H
Personal Door 1 fold, 650Ѓ~1800(mm)WЃ~H
Wall Panels EPS with double-ply plate, tongue and groove
construction, thickness: 50mm
Basement and Floor Galvanized steel assemble, height is 300mm, complete
grilles, 2 pcs ramps, 1060Ѓ~1750mm (WЃ~L)
Lighting Ceiling lights:8 unitsЃ~4pcsЃ~36w; Side lights: 8
Generator Setting Type Side upper intake air, aluminium alloy frame, coated steel.
Intake Air Fan 2Ѓ~4KW double-intake centrifugal fans, air
Extract Air Fan 1Ѓ~5.5KW double-intake centrifugal fans, air
Heating System
RIELLO G20 OIL burner, heating productivity: 200000
Kcal/h, stainless steel heat exchanger, with anti-explosion
hole for protection, working temperature is 80ЃЋ, electric
damper from spraying to baking cycle.
Filter System Pre-filter, high efficiency filter(Ceiling filter)
Control System
Lighting switch, spraying, heat spraying, baking,
temperature controller, time setting, emergency stop,
temperature limit controller.
Total Power 15KW

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